Life is scary. Adulting is hard.When faced with the challenges of building a life of your own, it’s all too easy to stake your hope and happiness in “someday.” But what if the dotted lines on the map at your feet today mattered just as much as the destination you dream of?

Hannah Brencher, TED Talk speaker and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters, thought Atlanta was her destination. Yet even after she arrived, she found herself in the same old chase for
the next best thing…somewhere else. And it left her in a state of anxiety and deep depression.

Our hyper-connected era has led us to believe life should be a highlight reel—where what matters most is perfect beauty, instant success, and ready applause. Yet, as Hannah learned, nothing about faith, relationships, or character is instant. So she took up a new mantra: be where your feet are. Give yourself a permission slip to stop chasing the next big thing, and come matter here.


“It's. Just. So. Good.”

No one, and I mean no one, can put into words the aches, exclamations, and musings of an every-girl heart wrought with love and faith and pain quite like Hannah can. Thank goodness for the way God has used Hannah’s words and pain and joy. Come Belong Here is one of those books I will set aside for my own daughter one day, as she embarks on her own life looking for a place to belong.

— Emily Ley, Author of Grace Not Perfection + The Simplified Life


In a culture where moving and shaking and hurriedly going are praised, Hannah Brencher calls us to the harder work of staying and anchoring. Hannah leads a wide-open, deeply rooted life, and is a trustworthy guide to help you do the hard work of digging in, building home and steadily walking the path of obedience. If you’re tired of running, and ready to come out of hiding into the light of belonging, this book is for you.   

—Shelley Giglio, Chief Strategist of Six Step Records + co-founder of Passion Conferences

“Come Matter Here is a must-read!”

Come Matter Here is the anthem we've been desperately craving—an invitation to start living right where you are.Hannah's story, masterful writing, and passionate guidance will help you leave behind the lie that life is going to happen someday. It's here. You're here. Come Matter Here is a must-read!

— Lara Casey, Author of Cultivate + Make It Happen