Day-Long Brew Session

Day-Long Brew Session


This session is available to those willing to travel to Atlanta. It’s an in-person session with a bold promise: we are going to get so much done in the the span of a single day. Be ready for some hard work as we dig deep together and get to know each other. Come ready to brainstorm, plan, plot and come up with an action plan. You can also expect some tacos… and lots of coffee. Sessions go from 10-4pm or 12-6pm.

The 6-hour day-long sessions are $700 and come with lunch + coffee.

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While I love lighting a fire underneath people, it matters most to me that you walk away from this session with a plan.

We are going to map out those goals together and break them down but I promise I won’t inspire you and leave you hanging— this session exists specifically to get you out of a rut, move you forward, and check tangible things off your list.

Topics typically include:

  • Discipline— bringing it into your daily life for increased productivity in all areas
  • Writing— writing that book, the book proposal process, building an outline
  • Public Speaking-- crafting your voice + becoming brave in your talk
  • Branding— developing an online voice
  • Scheduling — building time blocks + sustainable routines 
  • Efficiency— Working less while doing more

You will leave your session with:

  • Tools to get you started or keep you moving
  • Resources, resources, resources
  • A gameplan full of “next steps”
  • A fresh vision + some much-needed clarity