This Is The Day *Digital/Printable Day Mapper

This Is The Day *Digital/Printable Day Mapper


Finally, finally— a place to map out all the things that matter to you in a day:

  • Top priorities

  • That long, beautiful to-do list

  • H20 Consumption

  • Yummy meals

  • Encouragement for others

  • Hope for this day + more.

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Mapping out a day can be super stressful, especially if you’re the type of person who a) doesn’t want to lug around a big planner or b) needs a digital alternative for their iPad. I created this day mapper to fit my own needs: important to-do items, top priorities, and healthy habits. I wanted space to jot down a hope for the day and space to remember that I am called to encourage others. This day mapper has it all and is designed for the go-getter who wants to make progress, own the day, and also drink more water ;)


  • Space for top priorities + today’s hope.

  • A section for to-do items and reminders to encourage others

  • Space for meetings and appointments.

  • A stealthy water tracker (get those glasses in!)

  • Meal tracker for all those yummy dishes.

  • A spot to track out healthy rhythms and habits like working out and tidying up!


  • Included: 1 PDF File (available to be printed or imported into popular programs like GoodNotes for the iPad). This PDF File should be downloaded within 24 hours of receiving it via email! Please & Thanks.