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hey you, 

My name is Hannah! I began writing and creating in this corner of the internet in December 2009. My first post wasn’t pretty (and I can’t believe I wrote some of the stuff I did back then) but I admire the girl who didn’t hold back. She holds a special place in my heart.

In the last 9 years, I started a love letter movement, gave a TED Talk, began speaking across the world on making an impact and mental health, and opened an online shop. My second book "Come Matter Here" came out in May 2018.

My passions rank in this order: God, my family and friends, health + weight lifting, true crime, and Bachelor Nation.

A New Englander at heart, I call Atlanta home. I met my husband on a dating site after years of thinking I would meet him in aisle 7 of the grocery store. The Internet has given me most good things so I shouldn’t be surprised it gave me the sweetest, kindest partner. We live in a walking neighborhood of Atlanta and we love camping, binge-watching BBC crime shows, and spending evenings with a meat and cheese plate at our neighbor’s restaurant.

Official Bio.

Hannah Brencher is a writer, TED speaker, and online educator with a heart for building leaders. She is the author of "Come Matter Here" and "If You Find This Letter." Named as one of the White House’s “Women Working to Do Good” and a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service, Hannah founded The World Needs More Love Letters in 2011. The global community has grown to over 20,000 individuals across six continents, fifty-three countries, all fifty states, and is established on over sixty-three college campuses.

Hannah has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Oprah, Glamour,, Chicago Tribune, and dozens of other publications. Hannah graduated from Assumption College in 2010 with a double major in Sociology and English, with a concentration in Writing and Mass Communications. She calls Atlanta, Georgia her home. 

Select Press + Partnerships.

  • CNN World News

  • Tommy Hilfiger

  • Reader's Digest

  • Zondervan

  • The USPS

  • Catalyst

  • TED Talks

  • Glamour Magazine (US + UK)

  • Propel Women


  • BBC World News

  • The White House

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