Holiday Gift Guide 2018: To Have + To Hold Edition.

The following guide is for anyone attending a holiday wedding (or any wedding, really) and wanting to give a memorable gift!

Lane and I tied the knot in December 2016 and I’ve been wanting to suggest some gifts for the brides + grooms out there for a while now! The following is a collection of gifts we loveddddd (but never thought to ask for), registry hits, and little things we’ve found along the way.

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one // I cannot get enough of Anthropologie and their kitchenware. These measuring cups are perfect for the ones who love getting messy in the kitchen.

two // Help create a home with these beautiful stockings from Chip + Joanna’s Target line. They are guaranteed to be a gift used for years to come.

three // Fan of the cold brew coffee? Get the marriage started with a jolt of caffeine!

four // We put this little guy (in red) on our registry and it’s one of our favorite things now! We bring him everywhere with us— parties, picnics, camping, etc. Completely underrated gift!

five // We didn’t put this on our registry but now I totally understand why so many people do. It’s the perfect time to get your bake on and cut out unnecessary steps in the kitchen!

six // Those wedding photos will be here anytime now and everyone wants to put some new frames up in the home! Consider giving a gift card to Artifact Uprising for quality prints!

seven // We asked for holiday sheets on our registry and I love pulling them out every year to get the season going! It doesn’t feel like it’s officially “Holiday Time” until these sheets go on the bed!

eight // This one is a biggie- especially for those moving into a new home together! Take a moment to get really practical + add some extra security to your home. I totally recommend this brand for that added layer of protection in your driveway.

nine // “I have too many coffee cups,” said no one, ever. It’s untrue. You always need more. And this company makes masterpieces out of morning brew cups :)

ten // You might think of it at first- but registries are the perfect place to ask for all those cookbooks you secretly want but know you’ll never buy on your own. I have a pretty crazy collection of cookbooks and they’re all thanks to my wedding guests!

eleven // It’s a clever idea to ask for gift cards to your favorite local grocery store. You two will be cooking lots of meals together and those groceries get expensive after a while!

twelve // RUN, don’t walk, to put this on your registry. Especially if you’re just building a kitchen together for the first time and you’re not an expert cook- this gift has returned its worth and doubled it in the first two years of marriage.