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What's your "one thing"?

Here’s what I’ve learned: you cannot run your best race if you are always looking at how others are doing and comparing yourself. If you’re always entertaining the fear of missing out then that is exactly what will start to happen… you will miss out what is directly in front of you. You cannot do things for the sake of pleasing everyone around you. You’ll exhaust yourself trying. It might be time to take a step back, focus inward and make some much-needed adjustments.

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Building a routine that matters.

The biggest weapon I have when it comes to fighting depression: a routine.  Routines add a rhythm to the day. Routines are something stable to look forward to. Routines ensure that you are pushing towards something— a goal, an aspiration, a better version of yourself. For someone who faces depression and the possibility of being derailed by emotions throughout a day, establishing a solid, unshakeable routine has been a game changer for me. 

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My Whole30: why I'm now a believer.

I am 12 days removed from my first completed Whole30 and I have to tell you... I have never been more thankful for a 30-day reset than right now. I feel energized. I feel happy. I feel strong. I've been excited to write this post for you all month long and it's finally, finally here! I hope these notes + comments encourage and empower you! Thanks for allowing me to be vulnerable and messy in this space!

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