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Are you willing to fight for it?

Something is working up against your ability to create and you need to stare it in the face. The smartphone was designed with addictive habits in mind. The creators of apps want you to spend hours and hours on your phone, scrolling for satisfaction. That’s why it is so hard to tell yourself, “Just two more minutes” before you log off Instagram or X out the dating apps. The apps are designed to get you craving notifications while providing you with an endless scroll so your brain can keep devouring this feeling of being rewarded.

The research is all there (and has been there) for a long time that distractions are messing with our productivity and ability to meet a bottom line. We are preoccupied. Our emotions are wrapped up in too many things. We are going back and forth between the phone and the work. We are wondering why we cannot focus but the problem is right in front of us.

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When media stops being social. Pt. II

Comparison, as nasty as it is, keeps me from having to look at the real issue. I can become so fixated with comparison that I never think to acknowledge the root of it. Every little thing has a root, a starting place. So I dig for the bigger questions: What am I so afraid of seeing in my own life? What feelings am I trying not to face? 

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The age of idleness.

I’m fearful sometimes. I don’t want to give fear a big role in this story but I am scared sometimes of who we are becoming when we focus so much on watching other people live their lives. We have our own lives to live but we would rather be spectators. Assuming the role of a spectator is easier than going out and living. Watching and interpreting from behind a screen is easier than reaching out to have the hard conversation.

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An Open Letter to Socality Barbie.

Maybe your life is as perfect as you portray it to be, Socality Barbie. In that case, congratulations! You beat us all with your plastic lattes and trendy hiking boots. Regardless, I hope you find something real today. Something tangible and intangible, all at the same time, that you would skip the act of documenting it just so you could live inside it for a little bit longer.

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Drop the mic & go find Sarah.

My fear is we're distracted. We are all just scrolling idly through the streams, hungering and searching for the Missing Pieces. We all miss chances when we are digging ourselves into the trenches of self-pity just because we think we should have found someone by now, lived somewhere different, accomplished more.

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