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Are you willing to fight for it?

Something is working up against your ability to create and you need to stare it in the face. The smartphone was designed with addictive habits in mind. The creators of apps want you to spend hours and hours on your phone, scrolling for satisfaction. That’s why it is so hard to tell yourself, “Just two more minutes” before you log off Instagram or X out the dating apps. The apps are designed to get you craving notifications while providing you with an endless scroll so your brain can keep devouring this feeling of being rewarded.

The research is all there (and has been there) for a long time that distractions are messing with our productivity and ability to meet a bottom line. We are preoccupied. Our emotions are wrapped up in too many things. We are going back and forth between the phone and the work. We are wondering why we cannot focus but the problem is right in front of us.

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There are going to be haters.

This world is full of needs. Your existence and your creations fills some of those needs. Focus more on those needs than the people who try to shut you down. In the words of the wise sage Taylor Swift- haters are absolutely going to hate. Let them. You can't stop them anyway. Shake it off and get back to your creation process.

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No one will read this.

What if I told you only one person would read that next blog post you wrote. That one person would sit at their computer and scroll through your words and they would take notes. They would tack some quotes to the wall. They would borrow your strength. They would make a brave decision. What if I told you one person’s life would be changed because of the words you sat down to write? Would one person be enough for you? 

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It was all you had to give when you were asked to give it all.

I guess I thought I would feel bigness all around me in a moment like that one— one where a first book gets finished and turned into an editor. A lot of times though— excluding weddings, or busy hospital rooms, or parties where we wear a new age— there’s no bigness to the moment that changes your life.

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