First, Be a Follower: my free 80-page Bible Study!

I wrote my first Bible Study at the start of 2018.

I knew I wanted to create something that would be a gift to my friends on the Internet, a thank-you and an invitation into how I study and grow closer to God.

It’d been a big goal for all of 2017 to at least try to write a Bible Study but if you don’t make time for something to happen then it never will. I stalled. I filled my calendar. I did everything I could to avoid diving in.

I think if God wants us to do something, he never forces us. He allows us to hang out in our free will lounge but he also keeps reminding us of that one thing we really should be doing… That’s what kept happening to me until I finally gave in and began to dig.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 10.27.48 AM.png

I originally wrote this study because I wondered how my faith was being impacted by social media. I was less attentive in my study time. I was more insecure. I was comparing my life to the lives of others. I was talking less with God and more with people I barely even knew online.

The Bible clearly states that we cannot please God and man at the same time. In so many ways, I was choosing people. I was giving them the keys to my heart and saying, “Give me worth. Give me truth. Give me a reason to keep going.” And it never filled me up.

This is the world we live in today. It’s one of distractions and followers. Don’t get me wrong: I love social media and I am thankful for the platforms that allow us to connect, work, and create good for the world. I believe God works through social media. Where I grow weary is when my need to be on the phone is stronger than my need to be in the presence of God. When I would rather grow a platform than a real, lasting relationship with God.

So, even though I wrote this a year ago, I never really gave it much of a home on my website. If you’re in need of a new Bible Study or want to start your first one then I would tell you to download it and just try it out. It’s free, you’ve got nothing to lose.

I’d also tell you what I repeatedly tell myself whenever I start something new: the goal is not perfection. You’re bound to fail and miss days. Don’t let the inconsistency of starting something new deter you from the process. Just show up one day. And then show up as soon as you can the next time you can. Little by little, I believe something will happen in your heart. Go solo or grab some friends. However you choose to let this study unfold, enjoy it. Take joy in the process of getting closer to God. He is with you. He is for you. He is covering you.

Where I grow weary is when my need to be on the phone is stronger than my need to be in the presence of God.

My biggest prayer for you? That you will experience the Bible as a living and breathing thing. I pray this study sets you up to dig deeper, get to the root of stuff you’ve been dealing with, ask questions, and ultimately know Jesus better.