You're in the process. Stay there.


I am 53 days into an 80-day fitness program. I’m counting. 

I have a slight obsession with measurable programs. I like to count the days. I get fuel off of knowing I am on day 23 of a Whole30. I don’t think I am alone on this. I find a surge of power from being able to see my progress quantified, made into something I can measure and hold up to the world. 

There’s nothing wrong with this. If you’re 20 days or 50 days into something then you should be proud. But I am reminding myself (more often than not) that it's okay if I miss a day or fall behind a few days. Mess-ups along the journey do not discount the entire stretch of road you've traveled. 

You're in the process. Stay there.

It’s okay if you fail on day 4. It’s okay if you make it to day 10 and then bellyflop back into old habits. You and I, we cannot let a number of days on a calendar classify or define us. The important thing: you started. You tried. You got 4 days further than you did last time. 

Don’t let failure keep you down. Don’t let it convince you that you cannot start again. You are more than a few crossed off days on the calendar.


Growth isn’t something you can measure in just days. Growth is measured in strength, knowledge, and the building of new character. It’s built gradually and over time. Even when the “x amount of days” are finished, you’re still growing. You’re still making moves. You’re still on the journey. 

If at first you fail, try again. 

If you find yourself finishing, keep going. 

You deserve progress. You deserve to be able to look into the mirror and see yourself changing, becoming someone healthier or better. You deserve to celebrate the little victories and rejoice for rejoicing’s sake.

If you’re starting something today, give it your all. 

If you fail something today (or miss a day), get back to it. Pick yourself up and get back to it.

If you are in the middle of something today, go at it with new strength.

If you are finishing today, this is really just one chapter closing and a new beginning emerging. Keep on, keep on, going. 

I'd love to hear from you: do you ever get stuck in "counting the days"? What journey are you proud to be celebrating today?

Hannah Brencher7 Comments