Holiday Gift Guide 2017: under $15!

I've wanted to create some gift guides for the holiday season for quite some time now. Every year goes by too fast and I just never seem to get it together. But this year, friends, is THE year. Over the next two days, I will be publishing several gift guides to help you spend smart & deliberately this holiday season. Please note my heart as I create these guides: I believe the holiday season is a time for togetherness. It's a time to choose experiences over extravagance. I love giving good & thoughtful gifts. All of the gifts compiled here and in the guides to follow are meant to be extensions of the holiday season but never the point of it. Dig deep this season and love fiercely.


The following guide is for all my Secret Santa fanatics & college students on that real budget! (scroll down for links!)

one // it's a go-to and I am never disappointed when I get a monogrammed mug (or monogrammed ANYTHING) from Anthropologie. Anything to make that morning coffee cozier.

two // i love the gifts that require some assembly. This is the cutest way to encourage someone to "grow" in 2018.

three // this is a thoughtful & original gift for all the classic novel lovers in the house. I've been getting crazy compliments from everyone who hangs out in my loft!

four // nothing like girl power & a candle mixed into one!

five // this little gift is a classic & perfect for anyone who loves good ol' Charlie Brown. We watched this classic every year throughout my childhood so it channels some pretty special memories for me.

six // only available for the holiday season! I've been using this exfoliator daily and I give it 5 gold stars! My skin is glowing & I feel festive!

seven // if you know someone who had a rough 2017, this book is golden. So much wisdom & truth packed into one place.

eight // this incense holder from Madewell is just about my favorite piece of decor. Who doesn't like a nice-smelling home?

nine // everyone can appreciate good words. these poems will hit you hard. The perfect coffee table book.

ten // channel your inner Eleven with this little waffle maker. FYI: i have this waffle maker and it works like a mighty beast!

eleven // anthro wins all the awards for these adorable "people person" bowls. Adorable & quirky for the extroverts in the room.

twelve // who doesn't love a pocket grid planner?