Holiday Gift Guide 2017: for her!


The following guide is for all my ladies who might be tough to shop for or might just want something a little different this year.

one // make your last memories of 2017 golden with this addition to the Polaroid family.

two // I've been testing this bag out for you all summer long and it's the perfect day bag for trips & everyday excursions. PLUS: all the fun colors.

three // my best friend got me this cookbook when I was halfway through my Whole30. I couldn't eat any of the things at the time but I was d-r-o-o-l-i-n-g over the pictures.

four // slower mornings in 2018 with this classic pour over.

five // a beautiful way to remember an important date & a very cool addition to your wall decor.

six // if 12 amazing women like Malala don't inspire you to kick butt every single month in 2018 then I don't know what will!

seven // pamper yourself with this clay mask. I've been using it since July and I can't get enough of it!

eight // Lane and I put this little guy on our wedding registry and let-me-tell-you: one of our favorite gifts to date. There's nothing like playing a record when you get in from work and start cooking dinner together.

nine // I mean, you try to say no...

ten // you don't even need rain to make use of these boots. They're perfect for chunky wool socks & a fun day date.

eleven // in an increasingly digital age, there's something really beautiful about magazine subscriptions. Darling publishes classy articles for all kinds of women. Good reading for gals who love a strong aesthetic.

twelve // got a book lover in your midst? You will never be sorry for getting them a subscription to the Book of the Month club! It's (by far) my favorite thing to get in the mail each month!

thirteen // brain dust. sex dust. moon dust. need I say more? all natural and ready for your smoothies!

fourteen // came across this sweet cookbook the other day and I thought to myself, "this is a really cool way to start building a legacy for the generations to come!"

fifteen // forever a fan of Artifact Uprising. Lane and I had our wedding photos made into a desk calendar for him and the quality is just stunning.