Honesty Hour: Good morning?

I love reading the My Morning Routine blog. Something about reading other people's morning routines is fascinating to me. I like to look for correlations and the routines inspire me to look at my own morning routine.

I don't have a "set" morning routine yet. There are days where I am up and killing it by 5:30am and then there are days where I snooze with Lane until 8:30 and he hurriedly gets dressed and leaves for work. Working for myself is definitely something I don't take for granted. I let myself sleep a little longer if I know I have time to work later. For some crazy reason, the hours between 5-7pm are my golden hours for work. I have laser-like focus.

But back to those morning routines...

There are a few things in my morning that make for a guaranteed good day:

  1. A cup of coffee: Lane sets my coffee up the night before so all I have to do is press "brew."
  2. Time with God: This is always my first thing. If I don't do it, I am way off. I spend about an hour journaling and getting my feelings out, reading scripture and commentary, and then praying for people.
  3. Writing out my goals the night before: this is the game changer part of my routine. I flounder when I look at a blank space in my planner or when I walk into a day scattered with meetings but no objectives for myself. I try to write out three goals the night before and really have my day mapped out.

So, in honor of honesty hour, what is one (or 3) necessities in your morning routine that guarantee for a killer day?