Honesty Hour: Moving somewhere new.



I've been in the thick of book rewrites this last month and I can finally see the light! So much of the book has to do with the transition- learning how to ditch this idea of "getting there" and just learn how to be here now. I am flooded with reminders of lessons I learned when moving to a new city and turning it into a home:

  1. Moving some place new is a rough process and it doesn't happen overnight. Just because you show up doesn't mean the hard work of "belonging "is done for you.

  2. Curtains are a major pain to put up so just find someone to help you before you lose your mind.

  3. You can stock a fridge with veggies but you still need to learn how to cook them.

  4. Sometimes it will take a really long time before you stop feeling homesick for the part of you that used to live and love someplace else.

These are things I wish someone had told me earlier.

Regardless, I still would have done the same thing. I would have still packed the car and moved somewhere new but it still would have helped to have that sound advice in my back pocket. Whether it's moving to college, a new city, or even a new apartment complex-- we all could benefit from some wise, big sibling advice from someone who has done it before.

So Honesty Hour:

In the comments, tell us a little bit about the move you made (the where, the who, or maybe the why) and one thing you learned through the transition that you'll always carry with you. 

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