Field Notes: Vol. 5

284289795198501946_SU52H6yN_c You will have a moment when it is time to let go completely.

I don't care that this is a men's shirt. I ordered it. And I am going to wear it everyday.

I wept. A lot. A great deal.

Say it with me: BAWSEEEEE.


A man's scent.

I nearly died of this cuteness.

It's a MAD world.

LOL moment.

“No, it doesn’t work that way. You get to have me, or you have to give me up.”

Halloween be right around the corner.

This is legitimately genius.

New band obsession. Listen to "Gold."

You've been served.

Meet the newest firecracker.

Tinder blogs are my new crack.

We need a whole set of field notes for doormats.

Have a beautiful weekend. Fill it to the brim with good people, good coffee, and rest. Rest-- that's an important one. If you don't have any big plans, don't beat yourself up. Sometimes we all need weekends reserved for doing nothing. Curl up & enjoy the goodness of a day or two off.