Field Notes: Volume 1

5e4cc05216c53bf3130a8bb7df8f55bc hey you-- 

Gosh, I've wanted to do this forever. When I say "this," I really mean-- have a little more fun with this space and come out from behind the writing every once in a while. I come across so many cool companies, heart-gonna-fall-out-my-chest missions, swoon-worthy words, and inspiration on a daily basis and I often wish there was a place to stockpile it all. Like, where do you put all your coolest finds in a week? And if that space does not exist yet, do you create it? 

So here's to creation. Here's to having a bit more fun on Friday. Here's to sharing favorites and swapping inspiration like trading cards. Here's to the beginning of what I want to call "Field Notes"-- a collection of the most baller people, places, & thangs on a Friday. 



These art prints are currently all over my new bedroom.

And these art prints are screaming "HUSTLE" all over my office.

This book has become my go-to gift for friends in a transition spot in life.

Her words. Swoon.

I mean, if you can't make the real leap-- go temporary but stylish.

She's funny. She's real. You'll laugh & cry & want her to be your best friend. Meet Roo.

Also, she designed this notebook. A lot of you have asked me where I got it from... dat's the link.

This mug is bigger than my head. And I use it daily. It was made for the kinds of days when you just want to wrap your fingers around a big cup of coffee and dominate the day.

I can't stop listening. Surrsly. This band. Two words: Southern Skies

The workout that is kicking my butt daily... and I am obsessed.

This company -- and their mission -- steal my heart.

I mean, you had me at peanut butter.

Happy weekend, friends! Sending you light & love & many hopes that you'll find your Saturday & Sunday filled with good coffee & good conversations.

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