So long, farewell, al(I've never known how to spell this last long goodbye phrase from the Von Trapp family so why try now?)

Dearest Readers- I'm sending along a quick note to bid farewell as I scoot off the social streams for the next two weeks. That's right... no tweeting, no f'booking, no instagram, no pinterest, no streams besides the ones that flow up by the mountaintops where I'll be venturing off to.

I joined Danielle LaPorte's team two weeks too late, just missing her own digital hiatus, but she explains it quite awesomely (not a word. don't care) why it might be vital-necessary-extreeemelllyyyy essential- for me to do this. Read THIS & bask in the rationale behind my own hiatus.

I'll be birthing some extreme creativity. Some writerly stuff. I'll be sitting down to finally carve deep into a book that likes to shy and shrug behind my social streams. No more excuses. 140-characters can't help me this time.

So wish me luck. Send me love. Note of encouragement & cocoa mix can be mailed to PO BOX 2061, North Haven, CT 06473. I'll still be on email occasionally. Just don't show up at my door, ok? gracias.

sending y'all light & love.

back in two weeks with refreshed bones & stories abounding.