Nine Months Later... No, I did not birth a baby but I did write 368 love letters: Video Update

So the last time I gave an update on the love letters the Christmas bells were swinging and we were hanging mistletoe... I think it's about time I filled you in on the last nine months. ***This is actually an awful way to have your face frozen on YouTube... I DO NOT recommend it***


If you are looking for the Spark Notes Edition to this video, and I do not blame you, since October I have written over 368 love letters. The love letters have gone everywhere from the Bronx-bound 4 train in NYC to the crooks and crevices of Africa and New Zealand... This project has been absolute blessing to me and I will always have you to thank for fueling me with such an awesome opportunity.

Although I do adore writing love letters, I think I might enjoy it ten times more with you involved. So now is your chance to grab a paper and pen to start scripting a love letter to someone in need. Trust me, I will get it into the right hands. Shoot me an email (, bombard me on Twitter (@hannahkatyb) or comment below and I will be sure to send my snail mail address your way.

OR ambush your own town with the love letters. I have a strong feeling that there are plenty of strangers out there who would absolutely delight in picking up a mysterious handwritten note on the table in a cafe or on a park bench. I would love to hear how you spread the love letters out.

And, just as a note, the letters that I script are not a) Juliet Style b) Sexual or c) "I am watching from the bush in your backyard" creepy. They are merely notes of encouragement, love, support and positivity, hopefully delivered at a time when it is needed most.

And though I still have a healthy pile of love letters to write in the upcoming months, please do not hesitate to send me your snail mail address and I will send a love letter your way... But please don't wait by the mailbox. Unless you have a tent and an umbrella... My hand gets tired. I need breaks from time to time.

Thank you everyone once again! And I will be back to writing blog posts shortly.

The Beginning of the Love Letters

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