My life looks like a tie-dyed cupcake right now and I think I kind of love it. Updates & STF eCards!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the whirlwind that is my life right now!  I apologize for the lack of blogging in the past two weeks. I promise to be back to more scheduled posting in the weeks ahead. So... my life does look like a tie-dyed cupcake right now or anything splendidly messy and pastel-colored.  All Sorts of Scrambled. Beautiful Colors Running Amuck.  And much chaos to look forward to.

I tipped my hat to NYC last week with a few toughy goodbyes to some world shakers that I already miss a great deal... But I do believe every experience and every movement made throughout this year in New York City has called itself to be a fiber in a web that I still need to keep spinning, strands of silk in a cocoon that required a great deal of time & understanding before a butterfly could emerge. There is a reason why they call the Bronx a borough... for it has certainly burrowed a hole in my heart that I hope to refill and plant seeds within in years to come.

So if we mesh together my experiences at the United Nations, my involvement with She's the First, my NGO writing, and my time with a classroom of Bieber-loving preschoolers....  We have the next chapter in my picture book (the one with Eric Carle illustrations). 

I will soon begin my new job working on the communications team at Save the Children. Save is the world's leading independent organization for children and I am immensely blessed to be working and writing for a mission that has wallpapered my heart for a great deal of time. Lord knows, for years to come I will say that it was 26 sets of tiny hands in the Bronx, NY, propelling through a cycle of pomegranate soup squirting from a plastic soap container that propelled me to pin my heart not just to human rights, but children’s rights.

So before I turn all "working girl" again, I am going to spend the next week sizzling in some hot yoga classes, pitching a tent in several health food stores and  favorite coffee shops of New Haven, and lounging with a few good books and some even better friends.

And.... of course.... finishing up the emceeing for the She's the First Poetry Campaign. Jeepers, nothing has made me happier than having the chance to write daily for She's the First and create some sweet, sweet tweet poetry with our followers! And I totally think you should purchase an ecard just in time for the spring holidays! We worked hard to design and put these babies up and they are super cute! All proceeds go towards sponsoring a girl's edu in Sudan! Cards are $4 through Paypal!

Be back soon! Tea party anyone?