A call to all bloggers, peacemakers, creative creatures, and radicals in high heels: I need YOU!

Hello everyone!

I promise that new material is up and coming, I have been thrown into a sort of slump these days but not for long!

In the meantime, I need your help!

If you have a heart, a pencil, a camera, WHATEVER... then I want to collaborate with you! Yes you! Artists. Writers. Bloggers. Photographers. Designers. Of The World.

Even if you are just a passionate person, bring it forward because it much needed on this end!

So if you are interested, if you are reading this and saying, "I have something to bring to the table and I want to make a difference!" then make a comment below and I will shoot you an email or shoot me an email at hannahkaty@live.com.

Please don't read this message and shrink away with fear, every little bit counts.. I wish I didn't have to be so secretive on my own blog site but this idea is just a baby and she is not ready to reach the world just yet...