I interrupt the normal blog posting schedule to Drop a Love Bomb

Ok readers, I need your help. Ready for this?

 Normally my blog posts do not come two days in a row (don't worry email subscribers, I am not trying to live in your inbox), but Lauren @ Love Bomb reached out to me last night with a mission and it was one I knew I could not refuse.

We need.... to Drop a Love Bomb today.

Here is a little background info on the Love Bomb project:

Love Bomb is a project of ItStartsWith.Us. Once a week we come together to drop hundreds of love bombs (in the form of blog comments) for those who need it most. Subscribe via email below or follow us on Tumblr, and join us in our missions. It only takes 5 minutes a week!

And here is the mission.. I hope you choose to accept it.

Hey Team!
This week's mission is one that hits me at my core.
It was suggested by one of the awesome anonymous women in our Love Bomb family. 
Her friend, Bria, is a 22 year old young woman who has severe clinical depression and anxiety (severe panic attacks included) and in June she checked herself into the hospital in hopes of help. She was doing better, but has, in her own words, relapsed. For the first time, she is suicidal.
This past year I dealt with the same, which resulted in multiple hospital visits and medication. I will never forget the thoughts, emotions (and lack thereof), pain, and darkness that seemed consume me 24/7.
Written encouragement and love have such incredible power in times like these. They were two of the greatest contributing factors to bringing here: to a place of joy, stability and health. I still cannot express how thankful I am for those that went out of their way at this time to speak hope into me.
I am SO thrilled and excited to see all of you come together for this mission to provide exactly what Bria needs most: love, encouragement and hope. I have full faith that she can overcome this, and that we can be what helps get her there.
Let's get on it, team! Join me in dropping a Love Bomb on Bria.

The task is simple. Take five seconds. Leave one comment. Show support. Change a life.

Bria needs this.

As I like to say, there is nothing like a morning mission before the coffee even brews.

Have a great weekend everybody! And you can still find me over at Emily-Jane.net blogging my heart out!Thank you everyone! And bombs away....