An unexpected love letter

Dear World,

Sometimes I think you are scary.  Sometimes I think you are too intimidating. Sometimes I think you are cruel.  Sometimes I don't understand you.

When I look at you with big bright eyes I see a million and one places where I could fit. On the tip of your Africa. On the brim of your California. In the crook of your Haiti. But Where Will You Place Me? Where Will You Call Me To Be?

Before you slip destinations into my heart I pray you take care of the ones that I love, the ones that are searching you right now. A friend in Australia who is surfing in your waters. A love in Italy who is speaking new words. A girl in Prague who is spreading her wings. I pray you hold them all close, let no harm come to them. Open Your Arms And Then Close Tight With Them Inside.

As for me, well World, have your way. Take my eyes and show them new and beautiful sights. Take my feet and give them ground to stand upon that radiates with mystery. Take my ears and fill them with stories of people from all over, different tongues and different ways of life,  and let those stories forever change me. Take my heart, shatter and break it, because I long to understand the poorest of your poor and I beg to let them trace the outline to my heart. Give me a pencil for your poor World. Let Me Write The Words They Cannot Speak.

Sometimes I think you are scary but I think this is good. I step cautiously but I step nonetheless.

World, make me smile. World, take good care of me. World, bring me where I need to be. World, may I, please may I, have this dance?