Its that it will not come again...

Last weekend at Assumption before finals. The campus is full of students, especially seniors, trying to make the best of these final times together. Soon we will wrack our brains throughout the last of our exams, forget to sleep over 20-page papers, and then pack up to head home for the holidays. Of course we will be back again for another round in January but its hard not to see this all as bitter sweet.

Tonight the majority of juniors and seniors will get dressed up and dance the night away at the winter ball, I for one being so excited to put on my red dress and red pumps. I just have one hope for the night, that things that are bothering people, drama between friends, all of this will just cease for one final tonight to join together as a class.

When we graduate from college we will only have the moments to look back on. If we do not take the time to make these moments I think we will come to regret it.  Our time together is short, sweet and a gift. We should treat it as such. Forget the fights and the fumbles with enemies and just focus on the present moment. It will not come again.

Of course I will post up pictures from the night!

And for anyone looking for a fun holiday Christmas party idea, I would recommend an ugly sweater party. I have heard of them numerous times but have never actually experienced one until last night. What a blast.

"Leave a mark that cant erase, neither time nor space"

Have a good night, you know that I will be.