2018 Spring Writing Intensive

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2018 Spring Writing Intensive

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Hey you!

I created this class in 2015 after I realized there was a large pocket of people who wanted to write more. More books. More blog posts. More copy. Even more journal writing. I'd been in that rut before and I'd been the classic "I don't write until inspiration hits" culprit. In 2014, I broke off the excuses and dedicated myself to learning everything I could about the discipline of writing. I still have a long way to go but I have LOVED teaching so many creatives, bosses, CEOs, students, and lovers of the written word how to finally sit down and just do the dang thing. I would love for you to join the community of over 700+ who've taken my writing courses. 


This class is designed for anyone who wants to write more. There is no skill level required to take this class. Just come ready with a notebook, pen, and a willingness to learn. 


Saturday, April 21. 12-3 (est), 9-12 (pst)

Can't make the date?

You can purchase the class and get the materials delivered to your inbox. Go at your own pace and still join the community!


Online. No need to go anywhere. Come in your jammies if you please!


This 3-hour online intensive will be broken up into two teaching parts + an extended Q &A for all participants (with short breaks in between to refuel with lots of coffee).

A notebook with lots of pages is highly recommended for the following:

  • Teaching Part 1: the writing process.
  • Teaching Part 2: storytelling.
  • Lightning Round: branding 101 + building a platform
  • Extended Q&A (you get to ask me anything!)


  • The elements of compelling storytelling
  • Breaking the fear
  • Developing voice
  • Connecting with readers
  • The art of Taylor Swifting
  • Consistency & control in writing
  • Vulnerability hangovers
  • Finding direction with a crowded writing world

YOU'LL GET all this when you sign up: 

  • A recording of the teaching.
  • All handouts + material used in the course.
  • Invitation to a closed writing community//alumni group after completion of the Writing Intensive.