Hi! I'm Hannah Brencher-- an author, writer, and speaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm the Founder of The World Needs More Love Letters-- a global organization using the power behind social media to handwrite and mail letters to individuals in need around the world.  In the last four years, More Love Letters has grown into a community of over 20,000 individuals across all 50 states, 53 countries, and over 60 college campuses. In 2015, I launched If You Find This Email with one of my best friends, Jenna Bednarsky. 

An award-winning blogger and TED speaker,  I recently launched my own creative copywriting & consulting services for personal brands and individuals. 

I took the TED stage at the age of 24 and have since continued to travel around the world to colleges and conferences across the country sharing my story and speaking on the importance of staying small, staying hungry, and staying present in an increasingly digital age. You can grab booking info here


I am signed to New Leaf Media Literary Agency (Mackenzie Brady). My first memoir "If You Find This Letter" (Howard Books of Simon & Schuster) came out in March 2015. My stationery kit (Potter Style, an imprint of Random House) came out in December 2014. 

I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with trying to become a minimalist, dead lifting, and the TV Show Catfish. Apart from Macklemore, my celebrity crushes-- Charles Spurgeon, C.S. Lewis, + Tupac-- are all dead.  

I own one fish-- Childfish Gambino-- and I have managed to keep it alive for 3 months*.