I cannot wait to start working with you in the days ahead. I work with a select handful of clients every month to ensure that each writing process is customized, quality, and given the amount of attention it deserves. Words are a big deal. I promise to dig with you until we develop you truly love, something you feel really embodies who you are and what you do. 

To help move the process along, and to better prep me to get to know you, I would love for you to fill out the info below! 

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Please come into our session ready to talk about the following (please note: none of this has to be pretty or perfect!):

  • Your "why" in business. Why do you do what you do? 
  • Your client experience. 
  • Your hopes for what your clients will feel and experience from working with you. 
  • Your core values. What do you care about? What do you believe in? 
  • Favorite part of your business/photography.